My Father was a War Vet...and a Heroic man as a father as well...  

I dedicated the book ...just click and go...


to helping share the reality of what it means to fight in a War for all Vets and their families and friends and loved ones...and I have supported the Vets who do not get a complete 'Second Chance at Life' my Dad I would like to ENCOURAGE you, to help those that, yes...need your love...and support to survive from their sacrifices to our NATION...Notice in the word ENCOURAGE the word 'Courage'...Yes, I sincerely want  to En-Courage you to make them a part of your family support system year in and year out.  

I have and will always continue to support them...will you?...and if you already do support them...then I Stand now before you and salute you for all you have done and will continue to do... are the links that will help you connect to these BRAVE Men & Women who have given so much. 

  I Hope and Pray you will find  the Courage to support them.


 Paralyzed Veterans of America 

Disabled American Veterans