Special Email from Grant Winrich to help the Disabled....

Hi Sirtony...


I really appreciate how dedicated you are to offering support to those living with a disability. I noticed this page on your site in particular for the VETS... (http://www.sirtony.info/links-for-paralyzed-and-disabled-american-vets.php), and it’s got some fantastic information. I’m sending you some additional info that I’d love to see on that page as well - hopefully you are able to add it there? - because it offers great insight for those in the disabled community. A lot of it relates to finances since that’s my specialty, but I’ve included more general resources as well:








                                            PS I hope all these sites help you and Grant get the Help you need

... grantwinrich@financial-literacy.info

No...I am not an Affiliate...this is just some help being shared...as requested by GRANT WINRICH...

Also hear is  some more help for the Disabled from  

Jim McKinley

 he wrote me this email and sent me these Links to help the Disabled with special financial links 

Hi there ....Michael Savage Aka Sirtony....

I worked in banking for over three decades, and many of the most meaningful working relationships I had were with families with one or more disabled members. I think it’s because we learned a lot together when it came to making sound financial plans for the future. Anyway, I noticed all of the great information you have on your website for readers who are physically disabled in some way, and although it’s a big ask and maybe a bit on the odd side, do you think you could add a few additional pieces of information on life planning for the disabled community?

I think these are great -

Overview of College Resources for Students with Disabilities


Home Remodeling and Modifications for People with Special Needs


The Truth About Home Modification Funding


The Complete Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits


Ways To Provide For Your Disabled Adult Child’s Future


Paying for a Disabled Dependent’s Funeral: 3 Supportive Resources


I appreciate if you’re able to make room for any of these. This type of information can be really difficult to find, as I’m sure you’ve discovered.

Thanks in advance, for sharing this help for the disabled...




also here is his special site for FREE help correct...he is a TRUE GRIT soul ... and I wanted to simply share ... his sincere desire to be a Good soul who cares...


~Jim McKinley ~



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